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MST20616 Applied Fashion Design and Technology

VET Applied Fashion Design and Technology

MST20616 Applied Fashion Design and Technology program provides students with the knowledge and skills to enhance their employment prospects in the fashion design and textile production industries. Students develop skills used in the design and production of garments and millinery, as well as in the development of unique fashion and textile designs.

Information and Links

Victoria: VCE VET Fashion - further details found on VCAA website:

Contact us at for full coursework documents, example Assessment Tasks and an outline of options and pathways for your specific school context.

Units of Competency


  • MSMENV272: Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices (30)

  • MSMWHS200: Work safely (30)

  • MSS402051: Apply quality standards (30)

  • MSTCL2011: Draw and interpret a basic sketch (30)


  • MSTCL2010: Modify patterns to create basic styles (50)

  • MSTFD2001: Design and produce a simple garment (80)

  • MSTFD2005: Identify design process for fashion designs (40)

  • MSTFD2006: Use a sewing machine for fashion design (80)

  • MSTCL1001: Produce a simple garment (40)

  • MSTGN2018: Work in the TCF industry (40)

  • MSTGN2013: Identify fibres, fabrics and textiles used in the TCF industry (80)

  • MSTTX1001: Produce a simple textile fabric or product (40)

  • MSTCL3007: Embellish garment by hand or machine (40)

  • MSTFD3003: Prepare design concept for a simple garment (80)

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